So why a book a week challenge?

So why a book a week challenge? They say that leaders are readers. The average successful CEO reads a book a week. Yes that is true. But for me I see that in a single book one person can put a lifetime of experience, knowledge and unique expertise. The average non fiction audio book is […]

What is expected from in your team members?

Realty Trust Services has a number of service offerings as an Ohio licensed real estate brokerage company. To meet those service offerings there are a number of roles each with their own written expectations. Some roles are new roles and we need someone that is creative and can figure own and build the role further. […]

When I join the team how will I be onboarded?

We have a specific onboarding process. We will get all information needed from you to get your online accounts set up. We will get everything we need to do drug tests. We will get everything we need to get paperwork for taxing authorities in order. You will get started on the courses, training and information […]

What are the company values?

Pro Play TEES? What is that? No we don’t sell little branded golf tees. No we aren’t a performance t-shirt company. No we aren’t a golf coaching company. Do we import and sell custom tea blends for athletes… NOPE! We aren’t all about heckling and teasing people professionally… so we aren’t a comedian troop or […]

What are Realty Trust Services job roles? What are the responsibilities?

Please see the following roles for our company. Not all of them are open. Some may never be open. We are a small company so many openings and current jobs will have multiple of the following roles. To apply for any of these roles visit: Role Responsibilities Visionary Create and communicate vision to company. […]

What are you looking for in your team members?

We are looking for people that: We tend to deemphasize experience, degrees and certificates that don’t actually prove 1 and 2. When we look for experience it is to fill specific senior roles that are open and don’t currently have someone from with in the company that can immediately grow into that role. To apply […]

How do I apply for a position?

Our goal is to grow your prosperity as a member of our team. We are looking for people that are high performers and love to play hard at their work. It’s the only way for you to reach our full potential, the company to grow and all of the people we serve to flourish as […]

What is the Resident Benefits Package?

BENEFITS SO GOOD, YOU MAY NEVER WANT TO LEAVE We created a Resident Benefits Package (RBP) that is sure to make you are very happy the entire time you’re here. For $35/mo our residents receive the following benefits: Simple Catastrophic Protection We’ve secured the industry-leading value renters insurance policy from an A-rated carrier. You’ll benefit […]

Utility & Maintenance Reduction Program FAQs

What is the utility and maintenance reduction program? The utility and maintenance reduction program is a program we implemented to save you massive amounts on your hvac costs as well as take care of a lease obligation you have to provide and change furnace filters which are consumables with your use and helps you avoid […]