What is the Resident Benefits Package?

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What is the Resident Benefits Package?


We created a Resident Benefits Package (RBP) that is sure to make you are very happy the entire time you’re here. For $35/mo our residents receive the following benefits:

Simple Catastrophic Protection

We've secured the industry-leading value renters insurance policy from an A-rated carrier. You'll benefit by being added to our master policy so all of your insurance requirements in the lease are met.  If you want additional insurance you can also purchase that.

Utility And Maintenance Reduction Program

It's easy to forget to change your filters. If you do then you lose 100s per year in efficiency for heating and cooling. You can also be liable for damage it causes to your HVAC units. We send filters to your door so that you can change them easily. See detailed FAQ.

Utility Concierge

One call sets up utility, cable, and internet services - and helps you get the best promos and discount codes available.

Resident Rewards Program

Rent day is now rewards day. The rest of the companies only charge you a fee when you don't pay on time. We reward you when you do pay on time using Pinata.ai.

Fee Forgiveness

1 time per year you can have your late fee, 3 day notice fee or bounced check fee forgiven.

Online Portal

Access your documents, see your current ledger, pay rent and submit work orders through our 24/7 portal.

Free ACH Online Payments

We provide many convenient options to pay including cash pay at WalMarts and many other locations. It is free to conveniently pay online using your checking account and you can even set up auto pay.

Give yourself a holiday with a payment break

We offer a split pay option for a reasonable fee through a third party finance company that pays your rent on the 1st, further builds your credit and splits your payments to them over the month.

Security deposit waiver options

We offer no security deposit options for many tenants to help make it less expensive to move into a nice home.

In house maintenance

We provide maintenance via in house staff and vetted vendors. You get the benefit of lots of our extensive experience managing a large portfolio. We aren't learning for the first time with you and your home like others.

24/7 Maintenance Coordination Service

We have staff trained to triage and dispatch if necessary by phone after hours and on weekends so you can feel safe and be comfortable in your home.

Periodic Inspections

Most of our properties have periodic inspections and we also give software to help you organize your move in information for your own protection with a self inspection.

Life Coaching

So much of life is missed out on because you aren't consious of this. This online training, extensive assessment and limited group coaching is available to our tenants to help them improve their lives gain wisdom and move past the part of themselves that is holding them back. See more at GrowingPro.club.

Credit Building

We report every rent payment so you build credit. Average increases of 23 to 42 points in resident scores, so you can qualify for more and save hundreds.

Home Buying Assistance and Rebate Program

We offer a program including a rebate between $500 to $2500 when you use our agents to grow your prosperity through a home purchase. We have professionals that can coach you and advice you on simple lifestyle moves to improve your credit and help you buy a home.

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