What is the Realty Trust Services reasonable accommodation policy

Our policy is to allow any accommodation requested at the tenants expense with a clear understanding that the tenant will be responsible for returning property on vacancy to original condition. Requests for accommodation that would be extremely expensive or invasive accommodations or accommodations that might otherwise cause undue hardship to the owner, other occupants or […]

I am having trouble filling out the rental application

Our application is available at https://ohiorental.info/application/ If you are having some trouble filling out the application here are some tips: Some times you will try to move forward and it will stop you because there was an important field not properly filled out. Scroll back up and look for the highlighted pink section to finish filling […]

How to make an owner contribution?

Login to your portal http://rtsl.us/owner Click on statement tab Choose make contribution link under correct portfolio (if you have multiple)  Enter amount and reason  If you have multiple properties each with different bank accounts then please see the following: I want to make a contribution for property expenses however I have multiple bank accounts. How do […]

Can I do a short term lease?

We get many RELO companies as well as insurance companies asking for short term leases. We will entertain a short term lease however there will be the following requirements: Our fee for leasing the house equal to 1 months rent will be have to be paid at move in, in addition to all other move […]

How does owner plow or do landscaping?

On single family homes the tenant is always responsible for landscaping and snow removal. On 1 to 4 unit properties tenants are responsible for landscaping and snow removal. Typically tenant with lowest unit number will be responsible for the grass cutting and landscaping. Normally the tenant who wants to get out of the parking lot […]

How is the property heated?

Usually the type of heat is very clear once you get to the house. Sometimes this is documented on our property description and some times it is not. If having a certain type of heat is extremely important do you it is definitely worth asking on the phone to find out what kind of heating […]