Andrew Morris

Licensed Broker (license no. BRK.2008004009)

Andrew Morris is the broker of Realty Trust Services, LLC.

Christopher Obrycki

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2004007935)

Christopher Obrycki has done it all. He has bought and sold his own investments.

Chris Kaylor

Licensed agent (license no. SAL.2011003065)

Christopher Kaylors middle name should be hustle.

Isaac Rowe

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2013004047)

Isaac Rowe is in real estate for the long term. As a missionary in Europe he got married in Italy

Jenna Johnson

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2017002906)

Jenna Johnson started in real estate by investing in real estate back home in Cleveland

Rakesh Baniya

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2019007609)

Rakesh Baniya came to the United States as a refugee from Nepal.

Timothy Debronsky

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2012003122)

Tim purchased his first single family investment property back in 2004.

Jess Kluter

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2018005742)

Jess Kluter has worked for years maintaining homes and got into real estate from the maintenance sid

Pat Kelly

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2016001373)

Pat Kelly retired from insurance and several other businesses he has run and sold. He currently focu

Luke Markovich

Licensed Agent (license no.SAL.2020005168)

Luke Markovich graduated from Miami University with a degree in sports management. He works actively