What are Realty Trust Services job roles? What are the responsibilities?

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  5. What are Realty Trust Services job roles? What are the responsibilities?
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  4. What are Realty Trust Services job roles? What are the responsibilities?

What are Realty Trust Services job roles? What are the responsibilities?

Please see the following roles for our company. Not all of them are open. Some may never be open. We are a small company so many openings and current jobs will have multiple of the following roles.

To apply for any of these roles visit: https://rtserve.com/join-us/

VisionaryCreate and communicate vision to company.
IntegratorIntegrates Operations, Sales, Finance
Growth ManagerSales / Marketing Manager
– Plan marketing
– Plan sales
– Accountability marketing
– Accountability sales
Content Marketing Manager– Create content strategy
– Facilitate writers, video
editors, graphic designers
– Automation campaigns
– Landing page conversion
– Classified ads
– Traffic
Outbound BDM– Cold call lists OWNERS for non  
– Cold call realtors, realtors, attorneys,
 for referrals
– Cold email
– Hand off to Inbound BDM to
– Send out homeunion zillow auditor estimates
Inbound BDM– Phone follow up
– Online presentations
– In person presentations if
– Closing, hard questions
Investor Listing Specialist– Listing presentation via zoom
– Coordinate marketing
– Weekly reports
– Coordinate tenant showings
– Negotiation of deals
Investor Buyer Specialist– Listing presentation / conversation 
– Call / NETWORK with wholesalers 
– Investigate and present deals matching buyers list
Wholesale Buyer Representative– Go on appointments 
– Evaluate homes
– Make offers
– Follow up
First Time Homebuyer Specialist– Listing buyer presentation 
– Set buyer expectations for entire process 
– Network with lenders 
– Network with renewals department
Commercial Property Specialist– Prospecting
– Leasing
– Projections
– Listing presentations
Independent Salesperson– Close deals
Operations Manager– Coach all operations based on KPI
– Consult on failing systems
– Make all operations run smooth
Client Success Manager– 30 day outreach with all owners 
– Answer statement related questions 
– Solve problems
Client On-Boarding Specialist– Follow up for needed documents
– Create positive owner experience 
– Complete the process 
– Client off boarding
Client Receivables Specialist– Call / email owners for money 
– Maintain relationship
Municipal Compliance SpecialistMunicipal Compliance Specialist
– Fill out all registrations
– Follow up on all registrations
– Follow up with maintenance on violations
Resident Success Manager– 90 day out reach 
– Answer calls 
– Help with emails 
– Basic requests
Resident Receivables Specialist– Call for rent 
– Email for rent
– 3 day oversee 
– Schedule eviction
– Evaluate failed rental applications with all evictions
Resident Off-Boarding Specialist– Manages off boarding 
– Manage SD deductions 
– Keeps 30 day time line 
– Coordinates with owner
Vacancy specialist– Renewals process 
– Pre move out
– Post move out 
– Make ready 
– Minimizes vacancy
Utilities Specialist– Bill processing
– Turn ons 
– Turn offs 
– Transfers 
– Audit non received utilities monthly
Leasing Coordinator– Answers tenant questions 
– Schedules showings –
 Collects prospect feedback 
– Gives owner feedback recommends
– Enters and maintains marketing
Rental Applications Specialist– Processes applications 
– Administrates move ins 
– Creates leases 
– Premises hold fees 
– Move in checklist
Showings Assistant– Reach out to arrange group and individual showings 
– Solicit applications 
– Log all visitors 
– Solicit feedback 
– Verify marketing readiness 
– Give recommend to Leasing coordinator 
– Marketing pictures and video
Maintenance Manager– Oversee all maintenance
– Monitor revenue / expenses
– Discipline / feedback
– Special approvals
– Maintenance escalation
– Recruit technicians
– Inspect work
– Training and onboarding for maintenance
– Coaching maintenance members weekly
– Escalation
Work Order Coordinator– Input all except compliance 
– Assign all jobs 
– Answer maint 
– Techs weekly 4 jobs per day 
– Bill previous day jobs
Estimate and Bid Coordinator– Get inspections and or bids
– Prepare all estimates to owners
– Present to owner
– Be able to explain 
– Follow up with owner
Estimate and Bid Coordinator– Coordinate project vendor / worker project schedules
– Order inspections and analyze
– Hold vendors accountable for quality and timeline
– Communicate progress owners and team members as necesary
Maintenance Billing– Enter billing for approved estimates
– Bill completed or partially completed jobs
Maintenance Technician Apprentice– Try anything and learn on the job (see Technician roles for what “anything” is)
– Follow a curriculum of learning
– Demonstrate reliability and efficiency in it all
Field Technician– Inspections
– Court appearances
– Courier
– Make ready estimates 
– Lock changes
Rental Turn Technician– Do work at homes
– Follow make ready guide
– Stay in budget
– As needed
– Update leasing on
– Own tools / vehicle 
Work Order Technician– Complete required task
– Communicate with coordinator
– Provide own vehicle / tools
– Available as necessary
Senior Maintenance Technician– Follow up on field techs
– Field training
– Follow up on updates for
work orders
– Direct support maint. techs
– Work order billing
– Owner approvals
– Maint. tech duties
Finance / Admin / Controller– Manage KPI collections
– Creation of reports
– Delivery of reports
– Fraud prevention
– Investigate savings opportunities waste
– Create – manipulate report to flesh out SWOT company wide
Talent– Run job ads
– Respond to Psychometrics / Pre-interview survey / Hoops
– Pre interview non in person
– Interview if applicable
– Offer
– Team member onboarding
Bookkeeping– Reconcile PW
– Reconcile QB
– General billing / add management fees
– Enter payments into QB
– Enter bills into PW
– Recieve payments / deposits in PW
Payments– Approve payments to vendors
– Print checks
– Initiate payments
Pay roll– Track and manage pay roll
– Track remote time off
Money in– Receive / enter manual payments
IT / Development Manager– Choose platforms
– Conceptualize connections between platforms and how they will effect business
– Hold accountable the development / it team
Systems Specialist– Test new processes
– Create no code processes
– Focus on day to day processes
– Share processes with team and get feedback
Developer– Create automation
– Create integration
– Coding
Property Management Business Consultant– Sale presentations
– Implementation of marketing
– Implementation of automation
– Hiring provider

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