So why a book a week challenge? They say that leaders are readers. The average successful CEO reads a book a week. Yes that is true. But for me I see that in a single book one person can put a lifetime of experience, knowledge and unique expertise. The average non fiction audio book is about 8 hours. I can listen to that book at 2.5x the speed to make that listen to comfortably in 3.2 hours.  I can easily listen to that 3.2 hour book for 30 minutes at a time essentially in 6 days when I am on the treadmill, walking outside, driving or other otherwise dead time and in one week without much extra effort I have just received that special gift of information from that unique person who wrote it down. I look at how week after week if I get in that habit what will happen, what will I know, what will I now be able to do and how will I change as a person – and I desire all of that.  Your personal growth is much like the growth like compound interest in your retirement account. Starting early makes for much larger gains later on in your life. So start now because not sure if you agree with me, but I believe I owe it to my God, myself and my family and those that work with and for me to be the best person I can be.   

More selfishly, the book a week club is really secretly my pilot club and springboard to accidentally engage in more extensive coaching conversations in a group environment.

I will be choosing 4 books (or so) every 30 days for the next period of time. We will base the books on potential progressions of knowledge I think are helpful as well as reminders I or my staff might need in the business anyways. 

Here is the book review schedule upcoming (we will do it via Google meet only unless there is sufficient interest in in person meetings at my office for lunch as well): 

Not all of these books will be relevant to everyone. Some books will be something that some people enjoy a super lot. Others you will find are not enjoyable. The key is developing discipline with small habits which then leads to you staying in the game long enough to start to like this. Sometimes there will be so much information you are disoriented. You might also see so many potential ideal human states that you feel kind of bad not to have experienced any of the many things shared with you by the authors. These are both normal and to be expected. To move forward I find it helps to sit with my negative feelings and really accept and self validate them. If you can learn to sit with that emotion, accept it, connect yourself while feeling it, you will be able to appreciatively let it go and then move forward in growth and capacity. And that is what the book a week challenge is meant to do. To allow you to overcome your current obstacles and blocks to your success and grow into the person you desire to be. 

It’s important to note that all this knowledge will not make you wise. But knowledge is like food to a wise heart. Wisdom is a state of wholeness you won’t perpetually be in but you can find in increasing amounts if you choose to pursue it. If you do pursue wisdom you can be assured that you will find it helping you in every important area of your life.

The following books are ones I have (mostly) really enjoyed and think have been some of the most impactful on my life (other than the Bible). There’s over 80 of these titles and I started this on week 5 of a 52 week year and some books will need more than one week to get through so we won’t get through 52 books this year. But if we can maintain generally a one book a week pace and I think there will be a lot of rewarding personal growth for everyone who participates. 

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