What are the company values?

What are the company values?

Pro Play TEES? What is that?

No we don’t sell little branded golf tees.

No we aren’t a performance t-shirt company.

No we aren’t a golf coaching company.

Do we import and sell custom tea blends for athletes… NOPE!

We aren’t all about heckling and teasing people professionally… so we aren’t a comedian troop or organization of court jesters.

Were just using a bit of a picture to help you remember our 6 company values and how they collapse into and link into just a single one of those values.

When you truly play your mind is unleashed and your spirit is free. It’s an attitude you can make into a life metaphor.

Prosperity is our goal. Our business tagline is growing prosperity. We believe that when every, stakeholder (customers, clients, vendors, team members, company owners) participates in business that everyone can flourish and grow in inner and outer prosperity.

This prosperity is supported by a TEE (transparency, empathy and education) and driven far by systems (see the driver head).

All together that is “Pro Play TEES!”


Our company tagline and brand unifier is “Growing Prosperity.” It is the thing that we can say is our objective for every offering and everything we are doing. Prosperity should be growing in everyone. That means everyone’s inner value grows first and then they can provide value in public that means their external value as numbered in stuff, bank accounts and things of this world would increase.

This means:

  • Team members and vendors should be paid a fair wage
  • Company should expect good value back
  • We look for ways to add value to residents and customers
  • We look for ways to add value to landlords and clients

Here are examples:

  • We have value multipliers or systems that allow team members to multiply their value
  • We set expectations and meet them
  • We don’t do things we aren’t good at (not growing prosperity for everyone involved)
  • We have a self study and AI coaching and accountability program called GrowingPro.club to help residents, landlords, buyers, sellers and investors grow their prosperity and integrate lifes trauma.


Lets face it not every job and role is full of glitz, glamour and fun… or is it? Play is a studied attitude (see this TED talk on play or this book) and state of mind that is a prerequisite for greatness. Play is the closest thing to real magic in our world so lets not use it lightly.

This means

  • We try to match people with roles they can truly enjoy
  • We play with systems in our mind like a game trying to make them better because we truly enjoy what we do.
  • We adopt a playful posture when working with people

Here are examples of how to fulfill this value

  • Meme marketing section of the weekly meeting to play at communicating our values and benefits in an entertaining way


Transparency is about truth, accountability and integrity. We tell people the truth. We have integrity to be accountable to do what we say. When we say we will do something we plan to follow through and are willing to be accountable to that.

This means

  • Tell the truth
  • Humble about our weaknesses and faults
  • Open about our KPI’s with our stakeholders
  • Admit it when we messed up
  • Accountable to follow through on promises as a company (integrity)
  • Open when our services are not a fit
  • Clear on what expectations people should have of our services


Some people think that a high performance mindset means we are cold and harsh. Quite the opposite. Empathy is at the heart of the team work and understanding each other and learning from each other. There is nothing that will destroy a team and along with it, its performance than a complete lack of empathy. If transparency was the string, empathy is the kite that takes us farther and lets us fly. Empathy represents the realization that the other person we are dealing with represents a human who is a sacred and infinite creation worthy of dignity and respect regardless of their positive or negative impact on us in the moment.

This means

  • We are kind
  • We are sensitive
  • We care
  • We learn (from other peoples experiences)


We have a culture of learning, growing, evolving and constant improvement. This has an accelerating effect on all of the other values and makes them better.

This means

  • We are constantly learning
  • We are constantly growing

We are constantly growing Here are examples of how we fulfill this value

  • We look at our performance metrics and current systems or lack thereof and adjust to continually improve performance
  • We take criticism as feedback – in fact most painful experience becomes positive learning in our minds
  • We know and internalize company values
  • We study and implement and follow carefully the procedures of our position
  • We know and understand the requirements of the legal contracts that guide our service specifically the management agreement and the lease
  • We cross train our employees so that there is duplication as well as a better systems orientation
  • We have 3 required books that must be read in the first year for every team member
  • We learn the tools and use them to the maximum. Especially when busy (being busy means you need to be more efficient and thus know your tools better)
  • We have competitions and intensives to learn more and read books etc.
  • We test understanding of company knowledge base with actual tests
  • We contribute to company knowledge and update it when we see it is incorrect or outdated
  • We use video when possible to educate team members as well as residents and clients and also attempt to
  • We use zoom.us video conferencing to explain statements etc for owners and or tenants.
  • We use screen-cast-o-matic.com to show people not just tell them.


This value is what is an across the team mindset of continual improvement. This is a productivity mindset. It means we take pride in or work quality AND our work quantity. Smart systematization and automation makes adds stabilization and consistency for a base that allows constant improvement (I love this video from Paul Akers Author of “2 Second Lean” on what is possible with better systems and processes). This helps give Residents, Clients and Team members peace of mind.

This means

  • We create update and follow procedures
  • We automate whenever possible
  • We use work flow platforms to their fullest for every process (except when we shouldn’t)
  • Consistency is key
  • Ability to scale is key

NOTE – Book links on this page are company affiliate links.

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