Pat Kelly

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2016001373)

Pat Kelly retired from insurance and several other businesses he has run and sold. He currently focuses just doing a few deals for friend and family. If you are his friend or family then hit him up.

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Jess Kluter

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2018005742)

Jess Kluter has worked for years maintaining homes and got into real estate from the maintenance side, purchasing his own units and representing buyers and sellers of all types to find great homes. His experience in maintenance and investments gives him the qualifications necesary to find great solutions for those he represents.

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Timothy Debronsky

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2012003122)

Tim purchased his first single family investment property back in 2004. Since then he has been involved in more than 200 real estate transactions purchasing investments, selling investments and representing others to do the same.

Tim graduated from the University of Toledo and has more than 10 years of Self-Directed IRA, Real Estate Investing and marketing experience.

Its Tims mission to help create win-win real estate solutions for home sellers, buyers and real estate investors across Northeast Ohio.

Tim has been married for 15 years to his lovely wife Penny and enjoys spending time with family, traveling and hiking as well as helping others with their real estate related problems.

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Rakesh Baniya

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2019007609)

Rakesh Baniya came to the United States as a refugee from Nepal. He has learned the trade first as an unlicensed assistant in leasing and has become a power house representing buyers and sellers both in the local Nepali community as well as aggressively pursueing the interests of our investor clients all over the world who want to sell their investments or buy new rental properties in Cleveland Ohio.

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Jenna Johnson

Licensed Agent (license no. SAL.2017002906)

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Isaac Rowe


Isaac Rowe is in real estate for the long term. As a missionary in Europe he got married in Italy and now practices real estate here with his family in North Eastern Ohio. Isaac specializes in active outreach to find great deals and pass them on to many investors that he works with.

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Chris Kaylor

Licensed agent (license no. SAL.2011003065)

Christopher Kaylors middle name should be hustle. He represents home owners and home buyers as well as investment property owners and investment property buyers. He also leases many homes. From a marketing background Chris brings a valuable incite and experience in making deals happen.

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Christopher Obrycki


Christopher Obrycki has done it all. He has bought and sold his own investments. He has been mortgage broker and loan officer. He currently represents buyers and sellers in selling their home.

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Andrew Morris

Licensed Broker (license no. BRK.2008004009)

Andrew Morris is the broker of Realty Trust Services, LLC. He went to school for business and electrical engineering and worked for a stint at NASA. He purchased his first investment property in 2000 has been investing in real estate and helping others invest in real estate ever since.

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