CBS did a story about Jon and Kate Gosselin’s previous home.

The article discusses how Jon and Kate Gosselin have failed to sell their old home and it has been languishing on the market. It points out that ultimately, no matter how famous you are and how much and how much media attention you get, you can’t force a home to sell above market value. It simply won’t happen.

When a house is marketed properly and priced properly and shows properly however it will sell. At Realty Trust Services we have been very busy this season with buyers and sellers.   People want to buy and sell their homes still and that is what the market is all about.

At Realty Trust Services we can create a marketing plan special to sell your home, provided your price is realistic (and we can give you the research and help you decide that as well).

When you list your property we syndicate it using a hightech service provided by to make sure your home gets maximum distribution on the internet. Some of the websites your home would appear on are the following.

National Real Estate Websites:

Search Engines:

News outlets:

For many homes we will launch a social networking and classifieds campaign:

The following services are available as needed and may be included in your marketing plan:
  • Short sale negotiation- Many people can’t price to sell because they owe to much.  For these people a short sale may be an option.  Work with one of  the top Ohio short sale specialists if you end up not being able to sell your home for what is owed. We charge the bank for our services.
  • Virtual tour
  • Video created from virtual tour and distributed on 10 plus social media video sites
  • TV ad produced and placed
  • Radio ad produced and placed
  • Guaranteed 1st page google results and content network ad placement
  • Search engine optimization campaigne
  • Professional voice over
  • Google adwords
  • Open house ads
  • Agent showing scheduling
  • Yard sign flyer box
  • Pointer signs
  • Delux sign box
  • Over size reflective sign
  • Directional signs
  • domain and custom website printed on sign (see example).
  • The “upside down slow auction” approach campaign- Need to sell in a specific period of time
  • A five day sale campaign
  • Have someone to stand in front of your home with a chicken suit and a for sale sign and jump around like lunatic.

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