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We offer property management services in Lorain County and Western Cuyahoga County

Why use Realty Trust Services Property Management Division to manage your property?

Our focus is offering services that achieve the following goal for you: “Make your property investment a passive investment(tm).” Not all landlords are tired landlords. Not all are stressed out. Many even enjoy maintaining their properties and dealing with their tenants. However there comes a point for most investment property owners where they just can’t do it all, and at that point we can step in and ease the burden.

In the process of taking over the burden on your property, we seek to use our expertise to increase your profitability so much that we our service is free.

To schedule a time to come in and see how we could do that for you call us at (440) 220-7300 or email us at pm@rtserve.com.

We can help with the following:

  • Market research and consulting on rental pricing
  • Repairs and staging of property for best rents
  • Marketing your vacant rental (MLS, Craigslist, Youtube video tour, Facebook, Twitter and many other sites we syndicate to).
  • Showing your rental
  • Screening rental applications
  • Third party trust account to make landlords and tenant safe (many tenants now are looking for this because of all the foreclosing rental properties)
  • Collection of rent at our local office
  • Legal protection- we aren’t attorneys but we consult attorneys where necessary and understand landlord tenant law. We keep on on this to help shield you from liability and do it right!
  • Shield you from undesirable tenant interaction
  • Pay bills and cut checks to landlord monthly
  • Periodic scheduled inspections of property
  • ACH payment by tenants and direct deposit to your account
  • 3 days notice and all necesary notices for collection
  • Eviction and all processes necesary for eviction handled
  • 24 hour availability for emergencies with loyal workers we can dispatch to take care of emergency issues immediately
For information visit our property management website at http://loraincountypropertymanagement.com.