Real Estate Newsletter: 10 Tips to Save $$ this Christmas, 2 Tips about the Home

House Tips that Help Improve Your Life & Home A free biweekly guide to saving money, living life to the fullest and just enjoying life!  Volume 12, Issue 2- December 7, 2010 ****************************** Greetings!   In this Issue:                US Housing Market on the Rebound?               10 Tips to Save $$ this Christmas                2 Tips to save […]

Real Estate Newsletter- Thanksgiving Edition – Save $100 Monthly on Electric Bill Monthly & Survive Black Friday

I reflect on the Bible in the book of Acts about Paul and Silas. They were jailed in a foreign town for their spiritual service to others. Yet after being severally beaten and while spending the night forced to stand in a cold cell, their wooden stocks cutting into their necks… they sang praises to Jesus. They exhibited unusual thankfulness in the face of unimaginable physical adversity.