Growing Prosperity Coaching Assessment

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This “State of Your Life” assessment is a simple measurement tool to gauge your progress in different areas of your life. I have included the five key areas—your relationships, work, finances and resources, physical health and environments, and spiritual life—all of which impact the “whole you.”

When any area of your life is lacking or draining your energy, it weakens your ability to move your whole life forward. By strengthening the basics of your life, you give yourself the energy and muscle to move forward and close gaps in all areas.

There are twenty statements regarding each of the five areas of your life for a total of one hundred points. Check each statement that is true for you right now, not that you wish were true. Respond as honestly as possible.

This isn’t about getting a “high score,” but about breaking free from what’s holding you back. The only way to effectively do that is by embracing the truth. Please do not be concerned with what you may view as a “low score.” This is an opportunity to gauge where you are, pinpoint the gaps that exist between where you are where you want to be, and measure your progress in the weeks ahead.

You may only be able to check 25 of the statements today, but through adjustments in your thoughts, words, actions, and energy you may find that in just a few weeks, you can check 85 statements.

Taken from Chapter 2 of What’s Really Holding You Back? by Valorie Burton

Please check all statements that apply.